DSC_3326-01About Me

Welcome to my blog! I am Wei Lian, a Singapore-based financial planner. Having helped many individuals and families eliminate financial uncertainty and make money decisions for their future, I believe that one of the best ways to show love for our loved ones is to plan well for our financial lives. By doing so, we can avoid financial distress for our household.

I have pursued a career in financial advisory as my work evolves around my passion in personal finance and at the same time I am able to bring value to people. Clients’ trust in me to take care of their financial portfolio brings me great fulfilment, and I am truly grateful to be part of their journey towards financial freedom, as well as building great relationships along the way.

About this Blog

With this blog, I hope to share with you my knowledge and experience throughout the course of my work, so you will gain plenty of insights and understanding of how to better control, manage and grow your wealth. In addition, you will also receive updates on any changes in Singapore’s financial industry which are crucial to your financial planning.

As a final note, I invite you to participate in this blog. Your input is greatly appreciated! What’s your biggest worry or frustration when it comes to managing your finances? What’s the one thing about financial planning you haven’t been able to find information about? Tell me what you want to know about and what things you’d like to see discussed here.


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