Wei Lian has been very diligent and accommodating to the needs of my family and I. He takes the time to explain details and is not afraid to clarify information. Compared to planners who give empty promises, he has a refreshing honesty and sincerity towards clients under his care.

Mori Toshiyuki, Teacher

I had an excellent financial planning experience with Wei Lian. He is very clear in his explanation of money management concepts and financial products. His professional service is something I will recommend my friends.

Heng Pei Fang, Dentist

Wei Lian is very patient and hears me out before making recommendations. He makes adjustments to accommodate my requests, just to make sure I am comfortable with my policies. I am appreciative of his knowledge in financial planning and his patience and understanding during our discussions.

Zhang Weihuang, Quality Assurance Manager

As I may not have the knowledge or the time to manage and monitor my finances, I consulted Wei Lian for advice. His ability to explain complex financial theories and concepts was very helpful, as I learned from him additional investment strategies which catered to my personal needs and concerns. His personalised approach to plan for my future gave me great confidence that I would achieve my financial goals and retire comfortably.

Chen Zhongxian, Architect

Wei Lian has been very responsive to my queries through text messages. He also has good product knowledge and more importantly, he is able to provide me with comprehensive advice. Well done & keep it up! May more people benefit from your services.

Peh Chow Yoke, Executive

I was looking for insurance and found the financial planning process excellent. Wei Lian uses robust modelling assumptions and approach in his recommendations, lending credibility to his proposed solutions. I highly recommend his services to my family and friends when it comes to financial advisory.

Dai Shuohan, Insurance Underwriter

Wei Lian was very patient in helping me understand my needs and existing portfolio. He was willing to go out of the way to assist in every process.

Rodney Fong, Doctor

We found Wei Lian to be sincere and extremely helpful in helping us with the appropriate policies. After our consultation with him, we are able to understand and plan for our future better. Besides these points, Wei Lian is also meticulous in his work.

Soon Kian Keong & Sherie Low, Young Couple

Wei Lian is approachable and friendly. I was able to understand financial concepts with his clear explanation. My questions were promptly answered. Most importantly, he is able to provide personalised recommendations to suit my needs. This beneficial experience is something I will share with my family.

Audrey Li, Lawyer

Honest, trustworthy, not pushy and patient. Wei Lian provides easy-to-understand examples to illustrate the importance of financial planning. He is also extremely helpful and rational in providing advice on the appropriate coverage amount and duration so that one would not be excessively or inadequately covered. All in all, I feel that I was given personally tailored advice and have confidence in his ability to consider circumstances and thus plan accordingly for each unique client.

Brendan Ng, Chemical Engineer

Wei Lian is trustworthy and earnest in his interactions with me. During the planning process, his explanations are detailed. Yet at the same time, he helps me to summarise all my policies nicely into a spreadsheet for quick and easy reference. If any of my friends or family members require financial advice, I would recommend Wei Lian’s services.

Goh Xueying, Doctor

I like that my plans are presented clearly and in a manner that’s easy to understand! It helps us make informed decisions for our family. Wei Lian is a financial planner whom I will recommend to the people I care about.

Flavian Brian Fernandez, Teacher

Wei Lian is reliable and efficient in his work. He recommends insurance and investment policies based on our needs and patiently explains through. I would introduce his services to my family members.

Aw Chia Hui, Doctor

Wei Lian speaks in a professional yet casual manner, which makes his presentation very informative and easy-to-follow. The technical terms were explained in a way that could be easily understood. The clauses/limitations of my policy was also clearly highlighted, so that I was fully aware of the nature of my policy. I feel comfortable with Wei Lian because he is very friendly and down-to-earth. He has also enlightened me on the whole mechanism of investment. I would like to thank him for all his time and advice.

Ghanaprakasam, Teacher

Wei Lian is a trustworthy, responsive & patient financial advisor who is able to actively listen, understand and provide insightful advice to address my financial needs. He is excellent in both financial planning knowledge and product knowledge. Therefore, he is very clear in explaining how the features of a particular financial product will benefit me according to my needs in the long term.

Soon Kian Yong, Analyst

Wei Lian explains insurance concepts using simple examples and analogies, which greatly helped in my understanding of the policies I have. He is also patient in answering my questions and is readily contactable when I have queries. I feel that his financial planning process is efficient and clear, which gives me confidence that his recommendations meet my needs and budget.

Melody Lim, Lawyer

Wei Lian is patient in explaining the terms and how insurance works. Wei Lian was able to explain insurance concepts with interactive diagrams with his utmost effort. I am applauded by his effort in creating a summary table of the plans, premiums and benefits. This gave me an overview of all the plans and definitely helped me in the decision-making step. Wei Lian also planned and ascertained my needs after knowing the types of existing insurance plans that I had.

Eileen Seow, Healthcare Executive

Wei Lian is meticulous in explaining the different types of insurance policies and also very patient in clarifying my queries. He demonstrates honesty and integrity by recommending just the products I require without pushing any unnecessary products that might earn him higher commission. He has acted in a professional manner and shown great passion for his job. I am thankful to have him as my adviser.

Yeo Sheng An, Audit Manager

Besides being able to identify gaps during planning process and advise a suitable financial product to plug the gap, Wei Lian provides a macro-perspective on how a product can help me for my long term planning. Comfortable to talk to and not pushy, he is also willing to share his knowledge on financial matters beyond the financial products that he markets. Another key trait is his ability to explain financial products/services in a clear and concise manner.

Ang Yao Zong, Hospitality Manager

Wei Lian is very patient and dedicated. He understands and analyses the needs and situation of client before making a recommendation. In addition, he brings to my awareness of my future needs which is of great value. He is also accommodating and explained relevant subjects to my full understanding.

Kee Rong Xiang, Analyst

Wei Lian builds rapport with his client through his friendly nature. He is patient & always takes the effort to recap and explain over again what my portfolio is about during our annual review session. He takes into account my needs at my current stage of life and recommends suitable enhancements to my portfolio. He is able to bring across his ideas effectively. Overall, Wei Lian is a reliable and genuine advisor who is always readily available to answer his client’s queries.

Cynthia Cheong, Healthcare Executive

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